Board of Directors Mission Statement


The James Bowie High School Swimming and Diving Booster Club exists to enrich each student-athlete’s involvement in his or her swimming, diving, and extracurricular activities.  We are a registered (501 c3) non-profit organization comprising current-year swimmers and divers, parents and/or guardians of current-year swimmers and divers, and other community members who have an interest in improving and assisting the James Bowie High School Swimming and Diving Team.


Our primary purpose is raising funds to support the swimming and diving program, and to promote both team and school spirit. This is accomplished through Booster Club membership dues, sponsorships, fundraising events and activities throughout the school year


A significant responsibility of the Board is determining arising needs of the Team and determining possible ways to satisfy those needs. We also serve as liaison between the swim boosters and the Coach, schedule and run Booster Club meetings, maintain forms, financial records, scholarship awards, and handle team correspondence.




  1. James Bowie High School Swim Team Booster Club (swim boosters) members will consist of current year swimmers and/or parents or guardians of current year swimmers. Parents/guardians of each swimmer are encouraged to join each year their child participates. Participants must join by December 1 each year to be eligible for senior year scholarships.​

  2. Swim boosters will be required to pay yearly dues for membership. The swim booster officers will determine dues amount.​

  3. The swim boosters will elect the following officers each spring for the following school year term – President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.​

  4. President duties:

    1. Schedule and run booster club meetings

    2. Work as liaison between swim boosters and coach

    3. Work with other swim booster officers to organize and implement

    4. Determine needs of swim team and determine ways to satisfy those​​

  5. Vice President duties:

    1. Assist president as needed

    2. Swim Booster scholarships​

  6. Secretary duties:

    1. Handle all team correspondence

    2. Maintain all registration forms, expectations, and scholarship forms

    3. Maintain minutes of each swim booster board/general meeting

    4. Maintain files of members from year to year​

  7. Treasurer duties:

    1. “Expert” on UIL financial rules and regulations for booster clubs

    2. Maintain financial records/balances in swim booster and coach

    3. Turn in fund raising request forms to school bookkeeper

    4. Turn in all receipts for legal reimbursement to school bookkeeper

    5. Turn in check requests to school bookkeeper (scholarship checks

  8. Swim Booster members must participate in club activities as needed.​

  9. Members are expected to participate in fundraisers throughout the year.

  10. Swim Boosters will participate in no more than 3 fundraising activities throughout the year with no more than 1 effort which relies on “personal sales”.

  11. Fund raisers throughout the year needs when possible accounts (checks mailed by school to recipients)​

  12. Per UIL Rules, swim boosters are allowed to provide one gift per year to swimmers. See UIL rules for price limits, etc. Swim boosters will determine each year’s gift based on funds available through fundraising.

  13. ​Swim Boosters will provide an end of year banquet for all swimmers. Depending on funds raised throughout the year, the swim boosters may help defray costs for some (seniors) or all swimmers. The amount provided will be decided by swim booster officers based on swim booster income levels.​

  14. Swim Boosters will provide scholarships to outgoing seniors who have fulfilled scholarship requirements. (See Scholarship Requirements Document for all requirements).


2022-2023 Officers